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Pharmaceutical compounding is the creation of a custom pharmaceutical product to fit the unique need of a patient. We are a modern, innovative pharmacy group specializing in compounding personalized medication. 

Every patient is different and has different needs. Customized, compounded medications are a vital part of quality medical care as it ensures every individual receives the exact strength and dosage they need.

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Earn rewards on all eligible non-prescription products and receive #BeDrugSmart tips to help you manage your health.

Loyalty points & online ordering done right. We have the most comprehensive, convenient, and feature-rich loyalty program and online ordering platform on the market. Period.


At DrugSmart, we believe in providing convenience to our customers not only at home, but also at work. That’s why we’ve introduced Canada-wide free delivery to help busy customers with their prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, and other everyday products by delivering these items directly to their home or workplace.


Whether it’s a prescription you need to fill, an over-the-counter medication for a cold, or a last minute household item you need to stock up on before the weekend, we will ensure you get what you need while at work, home, or even the cottage.


Amended regulations under the Pharmacy Act expand pharmacist authority relating to the administration of vaccines. Building on the success of pharmacists’ participation in the administration of flu shots through Ontario’s Universal Influenza Immunization Program (UIIP), these changes provide patients with more convenient access to many routine vaccines, especially related to travel.


Additionally, patient safety will be improved because temperature sensitive vaccines can now be administered on-site at one of our pharmacies, instead of having to be transported to another location for administration by a different healthcare provider.


Let's make sure your medications are working for you.​ A free medication review provides you with the opportunity for you to sit down with one of our skilled pharmacists to review your prescription and non-prescription medications. This will identify medication-related issues.

You can set up a free meeting with your pharmacist to discuss: what medications you are taking; how they work together and possible side effects; how to avoid bad interactions; how to use inhalers, needles, etc. We will also answer any questions you have about your medication.


A medication review can help you better understand your medication therapy and ensure that medications are being taken as prescribed.


Naloxone can temporarily reverse an opioid (e.g. fentanyl) overdose. Learn how to recognize an overdose and use naloxone to reverse it.

You are eligible for a free naloxone kit if you are:

  • a current opioid user or a past user who is at risk of using again;

  • a family member, friend or other person able to help someone at risk of an opioid overdose;

  • a client of a needle syringe program or hepatitis C program; and/or

  • newly released from a correctional facility.


Anyone 24 years and under who has OHIP coverage and is not covered by a private plan is covered by OHIP+. You do not have to enroll or register to access OHIP+ coverage.

OHIP+ coverage will stop on your 25th birthday or if you become covered by a private plan, but you may qualify for other financial help with prescription drug costs. If you have coverage through a private plan, but your household still has significant out-of-pocket costs, you can apply for additional financial support through the Trillium Drug Program. The Trillium Drug Program is available to all OHIP-insured Ontarians who have high prescription drug costs compared to their household income.


We offer a wide variety of everyday essentials to enhance your health & wellbeing. These products can be purchased at the pharmacy, on our mobile app, or when requesting your refills. 

We carry everything from health & beauty products to vitamins & supplements to household & everyday essentials.

We are constantly curating unique and innovative products to empower you to take control of your health.


We offer a personalized prescription service for every patient that walks through our door. We pride ourselves on always going above and beyond for your care, ensuring a state-of-the-art health and pharmacy experience.

Our team of pharmacists are committed to helping you manage your health, and ensuring you are well-informed about your medications. We provide consistent access and convenient service including automated refills and online ordering.


Let's make sure you have the right medication, in the right doses,

taken at the right time.

With SmartPack, medications are packaged so that all morning medications are together, all lunch medications are together, and all evening medications are packaged together. Medications are reviewed with your DrugSmart pharmacist prior to determining when they will be packaged ensuring optimal absorption and reducing drug interactions.​ Our pre-packaged medications are easy to use, enhance well-being, and promote independent living. This service is available to everyone.

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All DrugSmart Pharmacy locations are certified Travel Health Now™ Vaccination Centres.

Travel Health Now's mission is to prepare every traveller to confidently explore the world. Through innovation and exceptional health care providers, patients are provided a state-of-the-art travel health experience. Travellers can receive a virtual consult from anywhere, on any device.


Once the travel health consult is complete, you will visit your DrugSmart Pharmacy to pick up your medications and have your travel vaccines administered.


Get your medications delivered for free without sacrificing exceptional pharmacy services. We'll bring DrugSmart to you. Our Virtual Pharmacy offers free delivery, phone and video pharmacist counselling, and eco-friendly practices.

With the current challenges that we have all been experiencing due to the COVID-19 pandemic and with the strain on our healthcare system, DrugSmart has also teamed up with Ontario physicians to establish a Virtual "Walk-in" Clinic. There is no charge to Ontario residents for the doctor visit – it's completely covered by OHIP.


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